McDonald's Whangaparaoa Road, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa, New Zealand

Poisoned 1 year ago
Whangaparaoa Road, Whangaparaoa, 0932 Auckland, New Zealand
McDonald's Whangaparaoa Road, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa, New Zealand
“I had a boss combo and one of the new sweet pies (choc and salted caramel) at about 3-3.30pm on Friday 12/7/19. I feel asleep on the couch for about an hour. When I woke up i felt like my meal was not going down properly. Like it was not digesting. So i sat up and drank some water. At 9 pm i went to bed but i was still uncomfortable in my stomach so i couldn't sleep. At about 11pm I violently threw up what felt like entire meal. After that I'd brushed my teeth and tongue but I still felt like I had a lump stuck in the back of my throat. After the night tossing and turning when it was finally time to get up for work (i had actually slept in) i felt very lethargic, very slow moving, i had a headache and very lightheaded and dizzy. I got to work. Worked for an hour, working very slowly. I felt weak, foggy headed and then the sweats started. I had to get my husband to drop me off at work then pick me up early because I was so lightheaded and dizzy. Now this afternoon/evening I have a terrible headache, sweats, chills, and vomiting up even small sips of water. And still very dizzy. I feel like I might actually pass out from the heaving from trying to vomit every 20 minutes the dizziness and the light headedness.”
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