Menus Catering, Taylor Street Northeast, Washington, DC, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Taylor Street Northeast, Washington, 20017 District of Columbia, United States
Menus Catering, Taylor Street Northeast, Washington, DC, USA
“On Thursday 1018 I had a box lunch at work which was was catered by Menus in DC. I had the spicy beef wrap which was served with Quinoa. About 2 hours after eating it I began to have diarrhea. Within the next hour I had chills and effusive sweating and began vomiting about every hour for the next 36 hrs. The nausea was miserable and nonstop. I was concerned about dehydration and went to the ER where they filled me with fluids and began giving me anti-nausea medication which did not work. They did bloodwork and gave me potassium then sent me home with more anti-nausea drugs. I continued to vomit about every 3-4 hrs and was reeling with nausea for the next 2 days. I did not begin to feel better until I woke up (after vomiting before I fell asleep) on the morning of Tuesday 1023.”
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