Noodles & Company, East Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL, United States Claimed

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
East Colonial Drive, Orlando, 32803 Florida, United States
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Noodles & Company, East Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL, United States
“I ate around 11:30 am Friday Dec. 30th 2016. I took a nap in a sitting position at around 1pm. I woke up at 4pm experiencing indigestion and repeated burping with a bad taste from it. I continued to burp and have food coming up in my throat til around 8:30pm when I sat down to dinner. I ate a steak and sweet potato. I went to a local Walmart and did some shopping. After one hour I began feeling nauseous. After 30 minutes I allowed myself to vomit. I vomitted forcefully and uncontrollably about 1 min for 10 bouts. I drove two hours and pulked over due to nausea. I vomited forcefully and uncontrollably about 6 times feeling very weak. I slept in a sitting position again, afraid to lay down. At approximately 5:30am I awoke to nausea. I started vomiting 4 bouts. Nothing but noodle came up. 20 minutes later I started vomiting. Once again nothing but noodle came up. This was particularly uncontrollable and painful. After 3 productive heaves I started dry heaving. It was hard to stop heaving. Finally at 6:10am I feel better. Although I feel there may be some food left in my stomach.”
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