Outback Steakhouse, Gellert Boulevard, Daly City, CA, United States

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
Gellert Boulevard, Daly City, 94015 California, United States
Outback Steakhouse, Gellert Boulevard, Daly City, CA, United States
“Ordered 8oz fillet steak medium rare, it came out super rare and cold in the middle, I cut it in half then cut one of the halves in half (ended up with a half and 2 quarters) and sent it back, the manager came out and profusely apologized and said she would take care of it, almost 15 minutes later it comes back out (the same steak) it was cooked better but still not quite cooked enough one thing I did notice was that the one half was nice and hot but the two quarters were still a bit too cool.
Only other thing on the plate was steamed veggies.
Tasted OK but an hour later I felt bloated and queasy, it got worse and worse then I threw up about 6 hours later, gut wrenching painful vomiting and the worst rotten smell ever, I threw up everything I had in me, even yellow bile that stung on the way up, it was so bad that I feel bruised all down the front of my torso and my ribs hurt, made such a mess I had to take a shower at 3am, went back to bed and drank half a cup of water, 30 minutes later I threw that up too.

I have eaten Carpaccio & questionable Sushi many many times with no issues, I have eaten meals with family where everyone else felt ill but I was fine, I'm the "guy with the cast iron stomach", I have not thrown up in over 15 years but this was acute food poisoning and the only possible vector was my fathers day steak from this restaurant (we shared everything but the steak and I was the only one sick)

Whats concerning is the two quarters of returned steak being colder than the larger half so I don't know how they reheated it and it leaves me wondering if it was deliberate, the waiter messed up both my wife's and my order, hers was the wrong item and mine was missing the sauce topping on top of being raw and he seemed annoyed at us because of it, he even kept trying to ignore us when we were asking for ketchup and seemed even more annoyed when we ordered dessert and the check at the same time because we were tired of waiting for him.

Did not visit a doctor because there is nothing they can do, you waste hours waiting and giving samples only to be told to hydrate and don't eat for a bit.”
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