Panda Express, North Collins Street, Arlington, TX, USA

Food Poisoning 11 months ago
North Collins Street, Arlington, 76011 Texas, United States
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Panda Express, North Collins Street, Arlington, TX, USA
“Beijing beef was not cooked and it tasted different than normal
I purchased The Plate With double Beijing beef and Choi mein noodles and a large side of teriyaki chicken October 15, 2018 around about 6pm - 7pm. When I started to eat I noticed that the Beijing Beef didn't taste like it usually did but I was hungry so I just overlooked that little detail. About a couple of hours passed and I started to have intense gas and shortly after that I started to have diarrhea and it was coming out yellow. And that is when I start to get these severe stomach cramps by this time it was about 12ish am and from then on until about 11am when everything ceased. I was going to the bathroom probably every ten to fifteen minutes and I also started vomiting and those stomach cramps where so intense I damn near cried they wouldn't stop for nothing more than 2 minutes and then they would come back ten fold, it was like getting stabbed in the stomach or abdomen area over a hundred times and still living through it all! I would try to got to sleep for a bit just to get woken up by the stomach cramps and running to the restroom from 12am to 11am and stomach cramping stopped eventually and the vomiting but my diarrhea is still lingering right now it's 5:34pm October 16, 2018 and I am still experiencing diarrhea and I started to have headaches and I feel really weak I have been dehydrated for the longest I wouldn't wish this on my enemies at all.”
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