Panda Express, Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Roswell Road, Atlanta, 30342 Georgia, United States
Panda Express, Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA, USA
“All we had eaten for breakfast was cereal at 6am.
My husband and I had Panda Express at 1pm for lunch as we had just finished a three hour drive to visit our grandmother in Atlanta. We began feeling nauseous around 2pm.
I was violently vomiting and had diarrhea from 4pm on 06/19/18 until yesterday 06/21/18 around 6pm which was the entirety of our visit.
Today is 06/22/18 and I am STILL feeling nauseous.
I am extremely angry that if we had just not stopped at Panda Express, our visit would not have been ruined by food poisoning.
Since we just got back home from Atlanta last night, we are both seeing doctors today.”
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