Papa John's Pizza, Atlanta, GA, United States Food Poisoning

Poisoned 2 years ago
Atlanta, 30334 Georgia, United States
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“Ate papa johns September 29 2016 over a friend girl house !! Saturday morning I went to work ok by 12 pm I had a severe headache.. made it home around 1:30ish I ride Marta transit system!!! I work up Sunday around 11 am n ran to da bathroom this happen 25 odd times Thur out da day !! Miss work Monday running back n forward to da bathroom.. Tuesday I went to work 6 am left at 12 stomach was unbearable made it home again around 1:30ish .. proceeded To use da bathroom within seconds I jump up n threw up all over da Toilet n floor .. had to call in to work Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday so upon further investigation I Receive a texts Via Instagram from da female friend house I was over tell me she been sick all week with food poisoning!! N I told her it's crazy cause I have to n da only her have connecting us was da night I went over her place n ate papa johns pizza n Atlanta Ga I think this is in fair n something is need to be done about this is u look up history I Jamal Scott has been a Loyal Papa john Customers for at least 5 years now this is completely on acceptable I missed out over $1000 work check for one week from being sick with da Food poisoning I got from Papa johns pizza in Atlanta ga On metropolitan”
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1 person had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
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