Papa John's Pizza, Durham, NC, United States

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
Holloway Street, Durham, 27703 North Carolina, United States
Papa John's Pizza, Durham, NC, United States
“I ordered 2 pizzas for delivery from papa johns pizza. One of the pizzas was a new hamburger pizza and the other was 3 topping, chicken, pepperoni, and Canadian bacon pizza. We ate the food at around 6:30pm and my daughter ate only from the 3 topping while istarted with the hamburger pizza. When i finally had a slice of the 3 topping pizza, I noticed an awful taste of rotten meat in the pizza. By then my daughter had already finished eating. I stopped eating from the pizza soon after and removed the pizza. My daughter started vomiting continously at 4-6am. I contacted the day after the local Papa Johns store and was told by the manager that a poisoning or illness only occurs 24 hours after eating contaminated food, which I later found to be inacurrate. The dismissive attitude of the manager only makes me feel that no investigation will be done and that more contaminated will be served to customers.”
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