Pho Hoan Pasteur, 107 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
107 Avenue, Edmonton, T5P 4C3 Alberta, Canada
Pho Hoan Pasteur, 107 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada
“We are weekly regulars, the food is tasty, and we like the pho and tea. I have been ordering the same thing for over a year now.

Today at 630pm Nov 23 we ordered our meal - there was a new server we didn’t recognize. I had the #15 special beef noodle soup and my husband had #16 satay soup. I asked the server for extra Thai basil & lime which later arrived on a side plate. I used these in my soup.

About 30 min after we finished and left, I started to feel sick. It is now 11pm and I have vomited 7 times, and have expelled diarrhea 9 times since 7:15pm. I have never been so sick.

My husband is not sick, and he did not have any of my soup, any of the basil, or lime.

I suspect it could maybe be the server didn’t wash his hands when he was handling the basil and lime, or it could be something in my soup.

I have yet to recover and trying to replenish fluids as we speak.”
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