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Nadine 2018-12-22 08:16
So sorry to hear this! Some reassuring news - you'll be better before Christmas :) always is about 5 days long. I reported on here about a week ago too, had food poisoning from a McDonald's here in Stoke area. I was deathly ill like you wouldn't wish it on anyone! I went from nearly hospitalised with dehydration to getting myself better in just 4-5 days ALL by myself, here's how and VERY important you follow to get better fast - (i'm a nurse) - The main toxins are out your system now and you NEED to stop the diarrhea, after 3 days of me with severe diarrhea every 10mins, I took anti-diarrhea pills (loperamide in them) Immodium, you can get them at any supermarket. The diarrhea stopped within an hour and never returned. It was a GODSEND! AND amazingly I was all better and recovering that same day too. - Regular light foods e.g toast, fresh fruit, bland cereal, chicken and rice for dinner, vegetables, omelette, light sandwiches etc - DO take Activia yogurt the one's with natural good bacteria in, it helps balance out your gut again working normally. - AVOID very heavy dairy, spicy foods, greasy foods, acid foods, junk food, candy and chocolate, fizzy drinks, alcohol. - DO drink little and often. Proper ginger beer is great for nausea. Also, you must get some Dioralyte for dehydration, just take it mixed with a glass of water. I felt so much better after these. - Sucking on mint and peppermint hard boiled sweets helps loads with feeling sick, it naturally stops nausea. Pop a sweet in your mouth every few hours. - Rest as much as you can. If you keep doing all this, you should be feeling much better by sunday/monday at the latest. Take care :)