Pizza Hut, Southport, Queensland, Australia

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Southport, 4215 Queensland, Australia
Pizza Hut, Southport, Queensland, Australia
“Had a Pepperoni pizza Friday 23rd June and woke up around 4am with stomach cramps. I went to the bathroom, passed a stool with blood in it, the stomach cramps turned nasty and I thought I was going to throw up. I started sweating and laid on the bathroom floor for about half an hour until it passed. I went back to bed only to get up again an hour later and this time I vomited. I tried to drink water, laid on the bathroom floor again for another half an hour or so until my body cooled down. I went back to bed, laid there for not even 5 minutes and I was back in the bathroom vomiting again. I had agonising stomach cramps and when I passed anything, it was mainly blood and mucus. The Dr came to me as I wasn't in a state to go anywhere. She said there was a bug in my food, it wasn't simply food poisoning because of the blood I was passing, and gave me antibiotics plus Buscopan Forte for the stomac cramps. I vomited again later in the day and two days later I'm still suffering from the cramps that are now finally easing.

I always make my lunch, same sandwich, to take to work so I know it definitely came from the pizza. The pizza was the first thing I ate in the evening since 1.00pm that day and the last thing I ate that evening.

I will find out the pathology results from my sample in a couple of days.”
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