Power Fresh Food, Strada Piezisa, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Strada Piezisa, Cluj-Napoca, 400371 Judetul Cluj, Romania
Power Fresh Food, Strada Piezisa, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
“Purchase a vegetarian shoawrma around 7-8pm ate there. Went back to hotel about 5min walk watch a movie noticed I was feeling nauseous as I was trying to get to sleep 11-12pm started vomiting for the next 2-3hrs until there was nothing left in my stomach. Had a bad fever all night. Was able to start taking fluids next morning and food around midday. Had a slight fever that day and nausea when eating. Following day still nausea while eating in the morning. Felt mostly better but very tired. Slight fever at night. Im sure it was this food as prior to it I had only eaten freshly prepared and cooked food I made myself and had last eaten at midday.”
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