Red Lobster, West Avenue P, Palmdale, CA, United States

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
West Avenue P, Palmdale, 93551 California, United States
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Red Lobster, West Avenue P, Palmdale, CA, United States
“Ate with the family. Ordered the shrimp trio with Alfredo noodles and asparagus. Had raspberry lemonade, garden salad (extra veggies, shredded cheese, no onions or sour cream). Had the Italian balsamic dressing on the side, but drizzled it very lightly on the last 4 bites of salad & 1fresh biscuit. Before we even left, my stomach started bubbling. By the time the check arrived, I had subtle cramps. Thought nothin of it. Just wanted to get the kids home for bed. It was late & one of them is a toddler.

Got home, bathed them... barely. Stomach really cramping, but I had to settle them first. Began to wash dishes and I fell to my knees. The cramps were so bad, I couldn't move. I finally got the energy and ran straight to the private quarters (where I immediately began to experience diarrhea). Can you say... No fun! Had to take 2 showers.

I'm sitting here only 3 hours after the incodent, so I'm not sure how this ends just yet... smdh”
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