Restaurant Chez nous les Libanais, 6 Rue Jean Suau, 31000 Toulouse, France

Food Poisoning 10 months ago
Rue Jean Suau, Toulouse, 31000 Occitanie, France
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Restaurant Chez nous les Libanais, 6 Rue Jean Suau, 31000 Toulouse, France
“I ate here the evening of Sunday July 15th. The restaurant was very busy because the 2018 World Cup final had just ended. I ordered the rice platter with chicken, fries and salad, it took about 1 hour for them to make the food as the line to the restaurant was now down the street because of the football crowd. I ate the food which tasted good then I felt ill that evening with a stomach ache. I had a very uncomfortable sleep that evening then I had a flight back to Canada the next morning where I sat in agony with an ever-expanding stomach for the next 13 hours in transit. Once I reached Canada I had a fever and was vomiting, by the time I reached my house I was collapsing to the ground in pain and eventually had to visit the emergency room. I was having agonizing contractions in my abdomen as frequent as every other minute. I was put on an iv drip For my dehydration and morphine for the pain I was experiencing but it only barely minimized the intermittent pain in my abdomen. A CT scan was done which showed ileocolitis in my lower intestine and my blood test indicated that my body was trying to fight off an infection with a high white blood cell count. I was prescribed two antibiotics and now, only 4 days later,’ am I able to drink liquid and meal supplement drinks. I don’t blame the restaurant as I feel like this kind of thing is easy to slip up on under the circumstances they faced because there was only a few of them working there in a rush to make too many orders and it probably caused them to slip up and send out raw or spoiled or infected food but damn this was probably the worst experience in my entire life so I figured I would share it!!”
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