Rooster & the Till, North Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
North Florida Avenue, Tampa, 33604 Florida, United States
Rooster & the Till, North Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL, USA
“I dined at the restaurant on the evening od 101518 around 630 p.m with my son and wife. We sat at the dinner bar in front of employees . Both prepared the meal. I was the only one who contracted food poisoning. I ate the Cobia fish Pork belly and the cheese board. I believe the soft cheese on the cheese was the source of my poisoning. The only item my wife and son did not eat on the cheese board. The full impact of the poisoning hit me Tuesday morning with cramps and projectile vomiting. It continued for 4 days until I finally went to my physician for a 2 hour IV and Zofran and Dexilant and another antibiotic. I called the restaurant on Friday the 26th spoke to Matt the manager he suggested he would contact me in two days. To date he has not called.”
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1 person had — fever, nausea and vomiting
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