Roots BUTCHERY MEAT & CHICKEN, Immink Drive, Soweto, Diepkloof, South Africa

Food Poisoning 11 months ago
Immink Drive, Johannesburg, 1862 Gauteng, South Africa
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Total all time sick persons: 4
Roots BUTCHERY MEAT & CHICKEN, Immink Drive, Soweto, Diepkloof, South Africa

I work around diepkloof square me and 2 of my colleagues we decided to go buy food at roots butchery in diepkloof square we all bought chicken, pap and spinach i couldnt sleep the whole night i was up the whole night till Morning because of your CHICKEN!!!when i got to work everyone was complaining about the chicken. One of my collegues sent an sms that she wont make it to work she has been admitted in hospital and her throat is swollen. We literally cant work its affecting our work and is an unexpected expense for us. I therefore called the store to complain i asked for the Manager and i spoke to him and told him the situation he was not helpful at all instead he transfered the call to some supervisor that owns the meat butchery according to him. i therefore explained the situation AGAIN the supervisors response was that mam why couldnt you come to the store, come when you have time IMAGINE he was not apologetic nor sympathetic about the situation i could bareley travel im going to the toilet non stop i had to stop at every garage on my way to work i cant even WORK!!!! I therefore asked the "supervisor" to transfer back the call to manager because his not helping at all. he said he will transfer the call to his the main Manager. SUPRISINGLY THERES TO MANY MANAGERS BUT THEY COULDNT HANDLE THE SITUATION WHAT A BAD SERVICE!!!! I spoke to and told him the situation Again and Again he took my details and said he will get back to me until now.

What a Bad service the Goods were cheap but Caused a major problem to us an unexpexted expenses for us. One my Collegues child was also affected because she left some piece of chicken for the kid. the kid didnt go to school aswell. HOW DO WE SORT THIS ONE OUT????

Im planning to see the Doctor with my own money for some cheap meat that did a major damage. we need a full refund of what we spent and a refund of unplanned expenses and a full Apology!!!!

we will also take this further its not a Threat but a promise and spread about the food u selling so that other people dont experience it. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DO YOUR CHECKS BEFORE SELLING WROTTEN STUFF TO YOUR CLIENTS!!!!!

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