Rubio's, East Serene Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, USA Food Poisoning

poisoned 3 weeks ago
2390 East Serene Avenue, Las Vegas, 89123 Nevada, United States
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“First, food poisoning is no laughing matter and while dropping over 4lbs in one day might sound awesome there was/is nothing awesome, good or desirable about what I am experiencing.
I visited this store the evening of 01.23.19 for a To Go order. I ordered a Shrimp Bowl and Mahi Mahi Tacos. There were chips and roasted chipotle salsa that they provided and packed as well. The shrimp were perfectly cooked and seemed fine but upon opening the taco container I was hit by the strong stench of “bad fish”. Had I been there I’d have addressed it and asked for another non-mahi item. Alas I was not and this was my I ate one. There are so many flavorful toppings/items on these tacos that it tasted great. In hindsight, I should’ve known better!! I also ate a few chips and salsa. The following day I ate the rest of the shrimp in my Shrimp Bowl, finished the chips and salsa, and ate the 2nd taco bcoz it had no stench. Maybe bcoz it was cold, and again, all those other ingredients made it “tasty” so it seemed fine (safe!).
The following morning (Friday 25th) I was met with EXTREME nausea, cramping, sweats, and the most vile, disgusting, horrifying, and completely mortifying bowel experiences of my life (I’m 50).
First movement was a normal, healthy poo. Then came the distress of intense nausea and cramps, which would stay with me several hours. I’ve long lost the ability to vomit and am instead treated to the process of toxic food moving the other direction, so while there were numerous watery-mouthed and cramping feelings that warn you’re about to vomit I did not.
I have experienced food poisoning in my lifetime but never have I ever known, or even witnessed, what would happen to me over (at this point) the next 2 days. It was impossible to predict or make it to my toilet in time. By the time I felt the sensation it was already too late bcoz my undies were full, my legs were wet, and I stood horrified, embarrassed, and thoroughly exhausted! These episodes would wipe me out! There were times I was cleaning myself only to have another round spray out of me. I will not detail the numerous explosions and sprays, the huge messes in my bed, carpet, bathroom floor, bathtub, and of course the toilet (when I actually made it there!) as they were countless and completely disgusting. What you need to know is there was one solid movement but every one since has been watery. Very watery. No blood. Oh, but the rank stench of fishy-poop permeated our home and all I could do was layer paper towels until I had the strength to begin the lengthy process of cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing every inch of my bathroom, the carpeting, bedding, and our mattress. More than once. I’ve a bit of laundry I’ll need to get to today - if I have the strength and energy - but I did end-up just throwing away several undies, some socks, and a couple towels. They were just too gross.
Like I mentioned, after the first couple episodes, which apparently emptied my intestines, each since has been liquid with very tiny specks of poo and sounds/comes out like vomit or pee. This morning there’s some small solid-looking pieces, must be remnants of the refrigerated taco from the 24th.
Hubby brought home Pepto and Imodium last night. I started Pepto as I rarely take OTC meds or ‘scripts and was concerned Imodium would be too strong for me. It is now Day 2 and I’d thought (hoped!) it had all passed but I was yanked from a deep sleep and before I could spring from the mattress I felt that warm, mushy wetness and knew I’d have to throw away yet another pair of undies. And clean the mattress, again!! So far there have been four trips but at least I’m making it to the toilet....barely. So today I gave-in and took my first Imodium tablet. Here’s praying that it works. 🙏🏼”
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