Sack Lunches, Melrose Avenue East, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA, USA

Poisoned 1 month ago
Seattle, Washington, United States
Sack Lunches, Melrose Avenue East, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA, USA
“Sack lunches delivered to Denny Terrace building, unsure of origin, contained in brown paper lunch bags. There were a great number of them left in the lobby. Lunches contained various meat and cheese sandwiches (no peanut butter/jelly), oranges, and vegetables (carrot or celery sticks); also one paper napkin, and mayonnaise packet. All contents were bagged in plastic baggies, except oranges, which were unpeeled.
I removed the meat from the sandwiches, and ate the bread and cheese (did consume mayonnaise with some). Pets that consumed some of the various meats have not shown any adverse reaction or digestive issues.
The oranges stood out, as I did eat a few, and they were the only other outside food I consumed. Fairly ripe navel oranges, not the easiest to peel. The timing of my consumption of the oranges, and the following symptoms and ailments, and their progression occurred in a frame and sequence that would suggest they are a very likely correlation to the illness.
Other foods and liquids were consumed, but none were from an outside source, unsealed, uncooked or an abberation from regular diet, and the timing is not as conducive

Symptoms are heavy fatigue, general discomfort, indigestion/acid reflux, abdominal cramping, and unpleasant sulfur-ish tasting burping. Severe, incessant diarrhea, which has seldom relented, and has allowed little freedom to stray very far or for more than a couple or a few hours from a bathroom at most. Nausea comes in waves, and have felt close to vomiting, and probably could've have, but have not. Can be triggered by slight movements, and will not allow restful or reasonable sleep”
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