Safeway, Johnson Ln, South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA

Food Poisoning 10 months ago
Johnson Lane, South Lake Tahoe, 96150 California, United States
Total all time reports: 2
Total all time sick persons: 2
Safeway, Johnson Ln, South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA
“Hi, yesterday I stopped by this Safeway location in Tahoe at 7:35 pm and got a grilled chicken sandwich for my 6 years old daughter. The sandwich consists on: soft bread+grilled chicken+mayo+lettuce that’s it. My daughter ate the sandwich around 8:15 and felt the stomach ache arround 23:00 pm. She had gasses, then cramps and then she started thrown up. In parallel with throw-up she had diarrhea and we’ve been up the whole night. Bathroom every 5-10 min (throw up and her stool was watery. She even throw up water. Her stomach couldn’t hold/accept water only at arround 5:15 am she stopped throwing up and she slept for about 3 hours. We were really concerned last night and I got her peptide kids from CVS which she threw up too. I hope you guys check their grilled chicken as I highly suspect that my daughter had food poisonning from that grilled chicken sandwich. Now she is still asleep and I hope she get better.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting