Smashburger, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Philadelphia, 19153 Pennsylvania, United States
Smashburger, Philadelphia, PA, USA
“Traveling Nov.14th with my husband and granddaughter we ate dinner during a layover at Smashburger Terminal F; each ordering a Classic burger with everything, extra pickles. No sides or drinks. We each asked for mayo and were given Hellman's mayo packets. Later that evening my granddaughter started with some mild stomach cramps. By Thursday afternoon we all had stomach cramps and by Friday diarrhea as well. Vomiting came soon after which has lasted through today, Sunday, all 3 still experiencing body aches, diarrhea and some nausea. This is the only meal we had in the past week were we all at the same thing.”
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3 people had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting