South Gate, CA, USA

Food Poisoning 2 months ago
South Gate, California, United States
South Gate, CA, USA
“This is actually the 2nd time it's happened, which is what lead me to believe the vomiting was caused by the Alfredo sauce.

First incident happened on 12-17 after eating chicken and mozzarella tortellini with alfredo sauce at home (everything was store bought). Within 2 hours of finishing dinner the person that I care for was burping a lot and eventually threw up. This lasted for about 2 hours.

The second incident is happening tonight, 12-20 to 12-21. This meal that was consumed came from the Olive Garden and consisted of lasagna, salad, and chicken fettuccine alfredo. Approximately 3.5 hours after dinner more burping and eventual vomiting has occurred.”
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