Starbucks, 2521 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
West End Avenue, Nashville, 37203 Tennessee, United States
Starbucks, 2521 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN, USA
“It was 12/31/2018 and Starbucks was opening later than usual. I love the staff there and I can tell they love their customers. It was an overwhelming rush because they were on holiday hours. I received my food around 6:35. It was a double smoked bacon, egg and cheddar breakfast sandwich. I also bought a venti lemonade. I was going out of town so that was the only thing I could eat before I got on the bus at 10:55. My stomach started to hurt at around 2:15 and I started to feel like vomiting but I didn’t. Then it came up and would not go back down. I grabbed Tylenol and rolaids at a service station during a stop and tried to take that. Not soon after that came up as well. So I sat on the bus with somewhat severe stomach pain. I arrived at my destination at 6:43. I thought maybe I needed something more specific for my symptoms like pepto bismol. I was throwing up uncontrollably by then. I took the pepto bismol but within 2-5 minutes that came up as well. I tried drinking tea and water but that came up as well. By 9 pm I decided to go to the hospital. They did bloodwork, a CT scan, and a urine sample. I was not pregnant, I had nothing wrong in my blood, and the CT scan also did not show anything. My nurse told me that food poisoning and/or stomach virus (which by another nurse said are very similar cases) wouldn’t be detected in these tests and would most likely only show up in a sample of my first vomit. I had not had a bowel movement since the day before but towards around 2 AM on 1/1/2019 I had a small amount of diarrhea. I was finally discharged after replenishing my electrolytes through IV and also pain reliever and nausea reducer. They also tried to give me oral medication but I could not keep any pills down. From the time I was admitted to my discharge I was throwing up everything and when I didn’t have anything left only bile would come out. I felt fine after discharge but I did not drink or eat anything the rest of the day. On 1/2/2019 I thought because I felt fine with no appetite that I would be able to eat again and that it was just a really small case of something. I tried to eat a bowl of ramen soup but I was not able to finish it and after 10 minutes of eating I also vomited that up as well. The same symptoms reappeared such as hot flashes during vomiting, pain in my abdominal region, weakness and slight light-headedness. All of these symptoms lasted from 12 pm to 4 AM 1/3/2019. I was able to receive another IV of saline, and generic zofran. I also tried other remedies but most of everything taken orally was vomited back up. I have no history of allergies, diabetes, no surgeries, no sickness, I do not drink, smoke, take recreational drugs, antibiotics, prescriptions, etc.”
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Doctor Visit : Yes
Diagnosis: Stomach virus
1 person had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting