Starbucks, Alcoa Road, Bryant, AR, USA

Poisoned 2 years ago
Alcoa Road, Bryant, 72022 Arkansas, United States
Starbucks, Alcoa Road, Bryant, AR, USA
“I ordered a Starbucks Carmel latte and the symptoms began within 1-2 hours after drinking it, starting with just abdominal pain. The pain then began getting worse, hour by hour, and felt like a knot twisting in my abdomen. The pain was excruciating and accompanied by diarrhea and nausea. At the worst level of pain, I began to vomit and vomited several times. All while this was happening, I was shaky, had chills, could barely keep my eyes open, I was dizzy, dehydrated, weak, had a loss of appetite, and nausea.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting