Studio Movie Grill, Merchants Row, Arlington, TX, United States Food Poisoning

Poisoned 1 year ago
225 Merchants Row, Arlington, 76018 Texas, United States
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“It was myself and my two little girls. It was on a Saturday nigjt at 7:45p to watch Thor with the credible Hulk movie. . The girl took who took my order took forever for my salad and i complained two others Waiters and they said oh that salad it's coming. ...and it never arrived until almost the end of the movie and it tasted funny. I know she put something in my food because early on that morning at 3:30am i started feeling nauseous hot like I had a fever I felt dizzy and I threw up and I had diarrhea. This happen to me 3 others different times at that same location. I spoke with a manager name clay the last time it happened to me I spoke with Mike. All clay did Mike was give me 4 free passes to come back. Clay the manager says we never have complaints at this location. I try to explain to him he kept making faces at me in front in at me like I'm some kind liar. I told him that explain to me why did I felt so sick I feel like I wanted to die and pass out. He said what did you order. I told clay all I order was a salad it took them almost the end of the movie. He said what kind of salad you order I said your popular salad. I told him I will contact the the business Better Bureau. He likes go right ahead . We already had a health inspection and everything's good so he's making it sound like I'm lying ....Really ! This is bull SHIT...”
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3 people had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting