Subway, U.S. 64, Bartlett, TN, United States


Tammy Sanborn 2017-06-15 12:00
Update - It is now 6/15 and I am still dealing w/issues from this !!! Been to dr, had labs run and awaiting results. Also spent 3 hrs in ER getting IV fluids a wk later due to severe dehydration. I lost 10 lbs in 48 hrs from continuous diarrhea that wouldn't stop. Literally spent entire wkend going from toilet to shower then back to toilet. Was too sick to leave bathroom much less try to go to ER for medical attention. Felt like my intestines were exploding and severe lower back pain very similar to BACK CHILD LABOR. Thought I was dying. Had to stop taking the diuretic my Cardiologist has had me on for yrs due to dehydration. Now my ankles, feet are swollen and have congestion in my chest around my heart ! Dr. sent me to hospital for chest xray to see how much fluid is around my heart. Awaiting results of test. All of this b/c of a DAMN tuna sub sandwich. Even had an employee tell me day after I ate sandwich and called in to store to speak with Mgr that "The tuna is not stored properly or at right temperature. They know this but make us sell it anyway..."!!!! WTF kind of statement is that ? I do not think this was a disgruntled employee as seemed very sincere, apologetic and compassionate. Even told me that probably shouldn't tell me that but didn't want me to order the tuna again. Told me worst thing to order at Subway !! Can't believe the last 2 wks of my life have been pure hell and that poor employee was probably fired if they told Mgmt what they said to me.