SUBWAY®Restaurants, 4526 Broadway Boulevard, Monroeville, PA 15146, United States Food Poisoning

Poisoned 1 year ago
Broadway Boulevard, Monroeville, 15146 Pennsylvania, United States
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SUBWAY®Restaurants, 4526 Broadway Boulevard, Monroeville, PA 15146, United States
“I ate tuna from subway 1 week before i got sick and I started to feel dizzy and sick after eating half the sandwich but i thought it was just because i was exhausted and ate a lot that day. Well 1 week later i had subway again and ate the whole sandwich this time i woke up and couldn't move because i had a headache and felt sick like it was just sitting in my stomach, and later that night after trying to sleep it off all day i laid down to sleep I slept for about 2 hours at 9 - 11 and i woke up at 11:12 pm to a sick and dizzy bed i couldnt get up to make to the bathroom because my energy was gone so i grabbed the garbage bag and began to throw up repeatedly until i felt like it was all gone. My whole room smelled like subways tuna which i could still feel a little sitting in my stomach so i figured i would throw up again soon after that. After i grabbed another garbage bag i laid down hoping id be okay but this wasn't the case and this is what i was afraid of. i started throwing up until noting was left to throw up so i took out the garbage and went to the bathroom i began to feel severe stomach pains and experiencing rapid diarrhea and screaming for help because the pain was so unbearable. After i sat in the bathroom for 2 hours and 30 mins all i wanted to do was sleep so my mom gave me a nausea pill to help me from being dizzy and throwing up anymore, but after I took the pill i still felt sick and had to use the bathroom 3 more times after this just to rid my system of that horrible sandwich. As soon as the pill kicked in i fell asleep on my couch with a water bottle and the garbage can in front of me just in case of an emergency. As I woke up the next morning I had this extreme headache pain so i took an aspirn to feel better. After going through the day scared every time i ate i started to think about what in the sandwich made me sick and as soon as i would think about the taste of the sandwich i began to feel sick. this pain was one i felt would be worse than death it is almost torturous and i wished for death many times just because i wanted it to be over. I'm sure subway meant no harm and had no intention of this happening but its poor hygiene and treatment of food that caused this. I read online in many occasions that tuna caused food poisoning for many people Subway must take care of their food or this wont be the end of food poisoning. I will personally never eat there again, but i am a 17 year old kid from Pitcairn Pennsylvania asking for your help preventing food poisoning”
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1 person had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting