SUBWAY®Restaurants, 500 Rue de la Vie, Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Poisoned 2 years ago
Rue de la Vie, Baton Rouge, 70817 Louisiana, United States
SUBWAY®Restaurants, 500 Rue de la Vie, Baton Rouge, LA, USA
“While at work I walked over to Subway to grab some lunch around 1:30pm on 3/23/18. The subway employee scooped the last of the rostissere chicken from the bottom of the container, which also included a lot of chicken juice. I have eaten at other subway restaurants and have never gotten the rotisserie chicken so wet. I asked the employee to drain the fluid the best she could so my sandwich would not get soggy. Instead of mirowaving the chicken to warm it up I asked her to just put it in the toaster and that would be fine. Upon opening my sandwich, it was soggy, but I ate it anyways. It tasted a little different than normal, but I continued to eat the whole 6 in. sub. When I finished my meal I immediately had to go to the restroom, which was very odd to me. I felt fine at the time, I just had a normal BM. Around 6:30pm that same day I began to feel a little nauseous, but continued with my day. When I got home around 7:30pm I began having body aches and severe stomach pains—I thought it was trapped gas. I did not eat dinner due to feeling yucky. So I laid down to see if it would help the nausea and the pain; it did not. Around 8:30pm I began to have violent diarrhea and severe nausea. I have a prescription for zofran, so I took it, but it did not help. Between the often trips to the bathroom I vomited a large amount. I tired to sleep but the frequent bouts of diarrhea and severe nausea kept me awake. Around 5:30am on 3/24 I had another episode of violent vomiting (keep in mind I haven’t eaten anything since 1:30pm on 3/23–just drinking fluids). I took more zofran and was finally able to get some rest. It’s now almost 7pm on 3/24 and I’m still having watery diarrhea with a good bit a mucous in it, and nausea.”
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