Surf & Turf (Food Truck, was at Vintage North Jersey Wine & Food Festival), Business Address: 345 Princeton Ave, Trenton, NJ Food Poisoning

Poisoned 2 years ago
345 Princeton Avenue, Hamilton Township, 08619 New Jersey, United States
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“I was pretty excited to see the Surf & Turf Truck at the Vintage North Jersey Wine Festival, I waited in line to order a traditional chilled lobster roll. I was kind of surprised that it took 15-20 mins to get a bulky hotdog roll with lettuce and lobster in it. My first bite I was expecting to be so tasty, especially because I was so hungry, and even while I was chewing and was asked how it was, I nodded my head because I was so happy to have food. However by the 3rd or 4th bite I was very unimpressed. The texture was similar to real lobster, which isn't the case w most imitation lobster meat, usually imitation lobster is soft, like tofu, or like the imitation crab that comes in an Asian seafood soup. This tasted like the fish broth in a seafood soup at a Chinese restaurant, fishy, and not at all like lobster. At that point I began eating just the the bread around the lobster, trying to eat as much of the bun as possible so I had some food in my stomach.
I am wondering if this lobster was just left out in the heat for too long (it was a sweltering day outside, and props to the employees who had to serve hungry people from inside the truck, it was so hot and miserable but the employees were great). Or, maybe the lobster had died before it was ever cooked and the meat had already started to go bad. Whatever the case may be, I hope it doesn't happen to other people. I usually roll my eyes at people who claim they got Food Poisoning from a meal that probably just not agree with their body, but I have definitely been ill since eating here on 8/21/16. It began roughly 24 hours after eating the lobster roll, I had to leave work early on Tuesday and call out completely for Wednesday. On Monday when I had my first episode (extreme diarrhea, w or w/o nausea), I thought it must've been from tasting different types of wine at the festival, but I did not drink enough to be tipsy or feel the least bit hungover at all. And when the cramps/bathroom emergencies kept hitting, again and again, w me feeling pretty okay in between, I knew it had to be food poisoning. This is the only time I have eaten anything outside my normal diet in over a week, so there is no question about it.
I will be going to see the doctor this afternoon.”
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