Taco Bell, Burke Centre Parkway, Burke, VA, United States

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Burke Centre Parkway, Burke, 22015 Virginia, United States
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Taco Bell, Burke Centre Parkway, Burke, VA, United States
“I (19 year old) got some soft tacos and a wrap around 8-9 PM, ate it, and all was good. Until I came out of my shower feeling light headed and unusually weak. I went to lay down on my mom's bed and she asks me what's wrong with me, my face was green and my lips pale. I start to feel nauseous and then my stomach hits rock bottom. I suffered intense diarrhea/stomach pains, vomiting, and sweating, I felt like dying. It seems I got the bug type that only lasts a day or two but those hours felt like hell. Ever since then my stomach's been all kinds of f***** up. Be careful with these fast food chains... as yummy as it can be taco bell is no exception. I've stayed away from it ever since and don't regret it.

My cure: going to the bathroom... a lot... and vomiting... getting that stuff out of my system. Drank water and ginger ale.
• What really helped was a native Bolivian tea called Trimate. It uses cocoa leaves and other natural materials, WORKS WONDERS for the stomach (you can find it online - I recommend having a box or two in the cabinet in case of stomach emergencies like cramps, gas, constipation, food bug, etc.).”
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1 person had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting