Taco Bell, George Washington Memorial Highway, Hayes, Virginia, USA

Food Poisoning 10 months ago
George Washington Memorial Highway, Gloucester Point, 23072 Virginia, United States
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Taco Bell, George Washington Memorial Highway, Hayes, Virginia, USA
“I had a beef burrito with rice and nacho cheese yesterday. I never eat taco bell because I know its low grade horrible quality food but its been like 3 or 4 years. I decided to have some and I didnt eat anything else aside from a handful of organic cheezeits out of newly opened box. Rice is one of the most common foods for food poisoning ....I didnt know that either till today. I have been projectile vomiting amoung other things and its absolutely miserable. I would like to add the burrito was terrible and tasted kind of ild and just overall terrible. I should not have eaten but was busy working and just wanted to eat. I will never ever ever eat taco bell as long as I live. Its possible this taco bell is a good and clean restaurant and this was a off day but the quailty of the food plus this makes me feel like they need a visit from the health department. If they serve food like this on the regular they should be shut down and sued. I hope it was a off day or bad employee that contributed to this and not just the way they do things.i wish I was a food inspector because id march in there myself as soon as I can leave my bathroom and check every bit of food for expired dates improper storage bugs mold salmonella etc. Ehhhhhh thanks alot for the exorcist style projectile vomiting taco bell.”
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