Taco Bell, Kernersville, NC, United States

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Kernersville, 27284 North Carolina, United States
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Taco Bell, Kernersville, NC, United States
“I ate at around 1pm april 1st and i just got one crunchwrap supreme. Taco bell has never made me sick before and i felt fine the entire day prior. The crunchwrap tasted off and about an hour - an hour and a half later i started getting a stomach ache and here it is 13 hours later and my stomach is absolutley killing me to the point i cant even sleep. I have tried pepto bismol and also alka seilzer and burping helped for a little while but i could still tast the off flavor the crunchwrap in my burps for like 8 hours afterwards. I'm pretty upset right now i just want to sleep.”
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