Taco Bell, Ogden, Utah, United States

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Ogden, 84404 Utah, United States
Total all time reports: 1
Total all time sick persons: 4
Taco Bell, Ogden, Utah, United States
“Me and my three kids have been having food poisoning symptoms since eating at taco bell yesterday. They spent all night throwing up and having diarrhea. This morning i was having diarrhea and stomach pain. I called one taco bell and before we realised that it was the wrong one the manager told me the first step to the procedure was to fill out a form. As we got started we realised i needed to call the other location. I did. The lady was very nice, but she told me that Taco bells policy is not to do anything unless more than one person calls. So its not enough that four people got violently ill. I've had to stay two nights in a hotel that i wouldn't have stayed in otherwise. Costing me over 200$. I called back to let the manager know. She was sweet but said they are not responsible. Thank you Taco bell for being the crappiest part of our summer trip.”
Reported By Iwaspoisoned.com User
4 people had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting