Taco Bell, Queens, NY, United States Food Poisoning

Poisoned 1 year ago
172-12 Northern Boulevard, 11358 New York, United States
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Grilled steak soft taco , “I got a grilled Steak soft taco from the Taco Bell in Queens NY by utopia parkway. I had severe abdominal pain with nausea diarrhea multiple times and vomiting. I went to ER and the doctor told me it was food posioning. She put me on a bland diet and meds for stomach pain and nausea. I loved Taco Bell but after what I went through I’ll never go there again.”
Reported By Iwaspoisoned.com User

Doctor Visit : Yes

Diagnosis: Norovirus

1 person had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting
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