Taco Bell, Snelling Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104, USA Food Poisoning

Poisoned 3 weeks ago
Snelling Avenue, Saint Paul, 55104 Minnesota, United States
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“2 chicken fresco tacos and 1 steak fresco taco ....all soft shell - My husband, Myself and our 2 teenage kida visited this Taco Bell location, after they picked me up from work at 7:00pm, this location is a few blocks away from our house. I my kids food, (my husband didn't want anything) and for myself I ordered 1 grilled steak Taco Fresco and 2 shredded chicken Taco Fresco...the receipt is time stamped 7:32:08pm. After we arrived home, which was approximately 10-15 minutes after leaving Taco Bell, I immediately washed my hands and proceeded to eat my dinner (all 3 of the above mentioned tacos). After eating the tacos, immediately and without hesitation I went to the kitchen to throw away the bag, napkins etc.... Before I even reached the kitchen I began to get very dizzy and nauseated....I threw away the garbage and headed to the bathroom...my stomach started to turn, headache became worse and my saliva started to get watery in my mouth. I threw up, after that headache became worse... I took a Tylenol, and made some tea .......still feeling very nauseated and stomach upset ....saliva is still getting watery as if I am going to throw up again but I have not (yet) this is all happening while I am writing this message
8:23 AM
Symptoms started immediately after swallowing the very last bite of my meal”
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1 person had — nausea and vomiting