Taco Bell, Wohlleber Drive, Mount Pleasant, IA, USA

Poisoned 2 years ago
Wohlleber Drive, Mount Pleasant, 52641 Iowa, United States
Taco Bell, Wohlleber Drive, Mount Pleasant, IA, USA
“Went to Taco Bell for lunch on 4-2-18 and ordered two supreme beef chalupas and a hardshell supreme taco. Two hours later I had an upset stomach and three hours later I had severe vomiting. Vomiting and diarrhea persisted through the rest of the day/evening and into the night. In total, I vomited 4 times (each a significant amount) and had diarrhea 5 times. I also had chills throughout the night, making it hard to sleep as I was either sweating under blankets or freezing without them.

The next morning (today) I still feel nauseous and have no appetite. I managed to drink a bottle of water, eat a bananna, and sip some tea but my stomach still feels very sensitive and I am still having diarrhea. All in all, I will not be eating at Taco Bell anymore as my wife has also gotten food poisining from them before, at another location.”
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