Taco John's, East Riverview Avenue, Fort Morgan, Colorado, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
East Riverview Avenue, Fort Morgan, 80701 Colorado, United States
Taco John's, East Riverview Avenue, Fort Morgan, Colorado, USA
“After a long day on the road we decided to stop at Taco Johns on our way back to Greeley. When we got our food we all started to eat. My bf ordered 2 chix tacos and a potato ole my friend ordered 3 street tacos and myself a chix quesadilla nachos with queso and 2 churros to split between us. We live in Greeley which is approx 1 hour from Ft Morgan. After arriving in town I went to pick up my neighbors son from daycare and when I came out my bf had thrown up all over the ground. I got back to my house and he threw up all over the ground again and hurried inside where he continued. About a half hour from being home I was complety nauseous and hot. I took a nausea pill which did no good. This went on all night and I was curled into a ball holding my stomach. My friend after arriving home started throwing up as well. My bf called and talked to the manager and told us to call back in the morning so he could tell us what we needed to do next. We are all looking at going to the ER for food poisoning.”
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3 people had — fever, nausea and vomiting