The Cedars Detroit Oregon

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Detroit Avenue, Detroit, 97342 Oregon, United States
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Total all time sick persons: 1
The Cedars Detroit Oregon
“Ate omelet @6pm 1/13/18. Requested real, fresh eggs, not artificial and frozen or refrigerated. Also. Requested bacon,. Pepperjack cheese. & Artichoke hearts. Also drank Pepsi and 1 glass water. Approximately 1 hr later, if I started having severe cramps in the area of my L kidney. I had multiplication bowel evacs & with each successive on the stomachache crampa gradually moved towards the middle lower belly just above the pubic. Area. I have been pooping now for over 5.hrs & still feel as if more is to come which is qhy in the took 2 TUMS smoothie tablet for some relief”
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1 person had — diarrhea
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