Trader Joe's, Chicago Avenue, Evanston, IL, USA

Food Poisoning 6 months ago
Chicago Avenue, Evanston, 60202 Illinois, United States
Trader Joe's, Chicago Avenue, Evanston, IL, USA
“I had a green cold pressed juice the 15 ounce size for $3.99. I bought it yesterday, the expiration was 8/11/19, and I got it out of the refrigerated section with other flavors of cold pressed juice in the same small bottles. I drink about 1/5 of a bottle this morning, and within about 30 minutes I was wretching violently and vomited it all out. It came on suddenly. I felt shaky, headachy, very dizzy, and like I may pass out. Once I got it mostly all out of my system I took a charcoal capsule about 5-10 minutes later, when I thought I could keep it down, to absorb the toxins, and then I took some homeopathic remedies for poisoning over the next hour. I had drank a lot of water earlier that morning so luckily I was well hydrated. I recovered somewhat and I was able to have egg drop soup and rice for lunch with no problem. When I called the store and reported it, they didn’t seem to take me very seriously but they reported it to their quality assurance team. I got a ride to the store later because I was still too weak to drive. I returned all five bottles I had purchased the day before. They told me they had taken the bottles with that lot number off the shelf but I saw some with the same lot number and expiration on the shelf, and upon confronting the manager about this -they basically didn’t care. I said if someone with a much weaker system then I have would drink that it could be lethal. I have not been that violently ill in years nor have I vomited and heaved so uncontrollably and violently. I’m not sure how else to follow up further....”
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