Waffle House, 907 E Main St, Benson, NC 27504, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
East Main Street, Benson, 27504 North Carolina, United States
Waffle House, 907 E Main St, Benson, NC 27504, USA
“5 family members, one, I was the only one who ordered a T-Bone Steak-I ate the steak only-I took some of the meat on the bone back to my niece’s home in Willow Springs, where I was staying with my mother and husband. They hsve a dog- I gave the dog the bone and meat piece of the steak- after consuming the bit of meat, he then chewed on the bone-I got violently ill within 30 minutes of returning to their home, I was vomiting bile and the contents of the meal housr and everything else. The dog vomited bile a lttle later. I was so ill I layrd down the whole day. I vomited again and again outside the house off of their back deck- the next morning I was still sick, like a hangover- i gathered the bone in a plastic bag and my own vomit in another plastic bag to be analized. I called them and spoke to, who said he was the manager.
He did not ask me, after hearing about how sick I became from the steak, how I was or anything like that. What he did say was, Noone had told him about me, - i then said to- I have been violently sick and am talking to you now. He offered me a free meal! He then said I should go online and make a complaint. I went online, found thier headquarters and spoke to a customer service person- - I told him what happened- he asked how I was- not well , I told him, I asked repeatedly to dpeak to the CEO, he then told me he was sorry to hear about my story and thst he would have someone in upper management contact me today.. My husband drove us back to our home in Leesburg Va. I have felt queesy all the way home, refraining from eating out at all on the way home. It is now 2330 and I have yet to hear from anyone from their corporate office in Georgia, many bad reviews of a lot of franchises..
At this point I am going forward with having the steak bone , and my own vomit analyzed.
I know it had to be that steak, it was a very thin T-bone, I asked for med rare, it was so thin there was no pink in the middle at all!”
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