Waffle House, Railroad Avenue, Rutherfordton, NC, United States

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Railroad Avenue, Rutherfordton, 28139 North Carolina, United States
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Waffle House, Railroad Avenue, Rutherfordton, NC, United States
“Got waffle house to go. Husband called in order. He is not sick. He did not get eggs or a waffle.
I had the saussage egg and cheese hashbrown bowl with no cheese. A waffel and a side of saussage patties. The waffle had a pet hair on it, which was my first warning. I was not going to eat the quarter with the hair as it was on top and I understand people have pets. It was obviously a pet hair and not a human hair. But i accidently ate the wrong part when not paying attention and decided to just eat the whole thing.
My husband also got a hashbrown bowl, however he got it with many more things on it than I did, but they just FORGOT his eggs. Nothing tasted off, but about an hour or so later i started to feel a bit off. I woke up last night several times clammy and sweaty and shakey with stomach pain, i was burping hashbrown burps in a way that felt like my whole esophagus had opened up like a straw and if i was inverted all my stomach contents would just flow right out. My stomach was cramping and . I was dreadfully nauseous and when I went to vomit in the bathroom I did expell what was left in my stomach.
I slept until early afternoom today when cramps in my ascending colon and decendimg colon and rectum were so severe I was crippeled by pain. I was stuck in the bathroom with diarrhoea until i assume my colon had no more contonse to purge.

As far as food poisoning goes, I've had it once before, and this is not as bad as that other time. I will noy be layed out for days bemoaning my life choices, but I will not go to waffle house again for ANYTHING other than coffee or meeting a friend to go elsewhere. They too often get the orders wrong, you have to watch the cook like a hawk to make sure its done right. And now i cant even trust my food is safe.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting