Walmart Supercenter Palm Bay Rd, West Melbourne, FL, USA

Food Poisoning 10 months ago
West Melbourne, 32904 Florida, United States
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Walmart Supercenter Palm Bay Rd, West Melbourne, FL, USA
“I bought a large bag of "On The Border" cafe style tortilla chips and discovered after eating many of them, I became very sick with gut wrenching stomach cramps more severe than anything I ever experienced in my entire life violent vomiting along with diarrhea so painful it was scary that was disturbing and exhausting for about 2-3 days of relentless bathroom needs. my son was the one who made me aware that the bag of tortilla chips was bad. so later once better and felt like talking I contacted Truco, Enterprises who sent the bag of chips to their Lab. The lab in question is “Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center”, located at; STE 150 2200 Rittenhouse St. Des Moines, IA, 50321, I called the Lab and then discovered that the bag of chips that I purchase and ate were rancid along with many other dangerous toxins 19 in all but the lab was not allowed to give me this info.Truco then sent me to their Ins. carrier
"Hartford Ins" who then with all documents from their lab my dr. blood pics of the chips along with my doctors blood work done on me work showed lower levels in my vitamin levels. I know this will sound weird but, I felt like I couldn't get the taste or smell out of my body which left me feeling weak very weak. I then received a letter from Hartford Ins. who was now blaming Mestizo food manufacturer company who prepared the chip for consumer consumption. So Hartford turned everything over to Liberty Mutual Ins. carrier for Mestizo Foods who did their research and said I had no case and they would not take responsibility for my poisoning. so it's left me with no recourse but to share this info with the public. and hopefully will lead to further investigations.”
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