Walmart Supercenter, Texas 121, Bonham, TX, United States

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Texas 121, Bonham, 75418 Texas, United States
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Walmart Supercenter, Texas 121, Bonham, TX, United States
“went to walmart on april 2nd 2017 grabbed one package of southern belle. stuffed crab shells. walmarts tag said freeze or eat before 4/14/17 thought we were in the clear till we got home and i made the crab stuffed shells for dinner.
my boyfriend was fine. and so was i till i got to the 2bd crab shell . it tasted different. very fishy and left a weird foul after taste.. wouldnt go away .. as i went to sip some water wash it down... i started to get hot. overheated break out in hives..i layed down for 20 mins then i got up and my stomach had these horrible painful stabbing cramps.
i immediately went to the bathroom because i started feeling sickly.. the food was creeping back up my throat and i violently puked for 2 minutes. as of now at 6:50 pm i am feeling very lightheaded. bloated. and stomach cramps that come and go. either it is diahrea now or more puke...
also i would like to add that i have eaten fish my whole life and have never experienced this.. my mother always told me how to know if fish was bad ... and exactly what she told me .. its foul. terrible lingering after taste in yoyr mouth if eaten with almost immediate hotflashes and puking...

this fish was out on the shelf at the walmart super center in bonham texas. off 121.”
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1 person had — fever, nausea and vomiting