Walmart Supercenter, U.S. 64, Siler City, NC, USA

Poisoned 8 months ago
U.S. 64, Siler City, 27344 North Carolina, United States
Walmart Supercenter, U.S. 64, Siler City, NC, USA
“On September 3, 2019 at 18:06:56 I purchased a "Turkey Cheddar Sub" I ate it after I got home and tended to my groceries, so was eaten at approximately 8:00 that evening. At bedtime, around 11:00, I started to feel cramping with heavy gas. I didn't think too much of it and was able to sleep. At 5:55 the next morning I was awakened with awful cramping. I went into my bathroom and sat crying with severe cramping, nausea and fever praying for it to end for over an hour. It finally "let loose" and the cramping subsided but the nausea and fever remained. Throughout the day I was miserable in bed in between continuous bouts of cramping and diarrhea. By evening, September 4, 2019 I felt the fever break but the cramping and diarrhea remained. I sipped chicken broth and water and eventually tried adding some rice to the broth. Though it made me feel better having some food in my system, it painfully came back out. Today, September 06, 2019 at 6:00 PM is the first I have felt well enough to report this poisoning. I tried the rice and broth again today, as I was feeling a bit better, but was a mistake as I am now back to broth and water.”
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