Wendy's, 1720 Cassopolis Street, Elkhart, IN, United States

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
Cassopolis Street, Elkhart, 46514 Indiana, United States
Wendy's, 1720 Cassopolis Street, Elkhart, IN, United States
“Walked to wendys late last night around 10pm. Order a burger n fries. Came home and ate it. Had not eaten anything else since then. But around 1pm on my way to work today I threw up out the window of my truck. Pulled over feeling dizzy. Got out of my truck light headed.And continued to violently vomit. felt a little better. Got back in drove to work. Started getting cold sweat chills. Nauseas again felt very weak clocked into work. Walked to my bosses office and fell into a chair. He called for a medical response within the plant. And I continued to vomit, was lethargic, shaking violently, and almost passed out. Not knowing I had food poisoning they rushed me to the local V.A. clinic where symptoms continued. And was ultimately transfer via ambulance to the hospital. Where I was finally given something to stop the vomiting. I am disgusted with this place I hope to let others know don't eat here. It isn't worth a $8000.00 medical bill.”
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