Wendy's, Legrand Road, Columbia, SC, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Legrand Road, Columbia, 29223 South Carolina, United States
Wendy's, Legrand Road, Columbia, SC, USA
“Purchased a bacon ,cheeseburger,with lettuce,tomatoes,mustard and fries. This was around 4:o'clock p.m. on Friday April. 20,2018. Upon eating the sandwich I noticed that the lettuce was bitter but thought
maybe it was the mustard. After eating the more of the sandwich I pulled the lettuce from the sandwich to eat alone.The lettuce was extraordinarily bitter so I removed the lettuce all together .I did not finish the sandwich because of the remaining after taste from the sandwich so I tossed it.
Not to long following eating the sandwich I began to experience an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. I tried my very best not to regurgitate by eating ice and anti-nausea medication to no avail. I threw up Friday night and have been unable to eat anything since.I continue to be nauseated,with a wheeze stomach,anot uncomfortable pain in my upper part of my stomach.IT could not be anything else because I've not eaten anything else....I CAN'T.”
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