Wendy's, Richmond, VA, USA

Poisoned 7 months ago
Richmond, Virginia, United States
Wendy's, Richmond, VA, USA
“I ate yesterday with a few friends and we each ate almost the dame four for four but mine had a cheeseburger, spicy nuggets, fries, and and fruit punch drink. After eating I felt a little nauseous almost immediately but ignored it because we had just gotten out of school so I thought I was just tired. Later on, I’m in my bed sweating hunching over in abdominal pain with a mild headache and dry throat and when my grandmother brought me tea, it took about five minutes before I projectile vomited three times in the same forever before falling back asleep as the vomit woke me up. Now hours later my grandma cleaned everything but my head hurts terribly and my hands and feet feel swollen and weak.”
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1 person had — fever, nausea and vomiting
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