Wendy's, South Burlington Boulevard, Burlington, Washington, USA

Food Poisoning 6 months ago
South Burlington Boulevard, Burlington, 98233 Washington, United States
Wendy's, South Burlington Boulevard, Burlington, Washington, USA
“Waited in drive thru line for 30+ minutes. Got 2 biggie bags, and 3 orders of nuggets. I ate 4 nuggets and threw up this morning, qlong with stomach pain and diarrhea. My husband ate a burger, and lots of nuggets. He has been sick all night and day and may have to go to the hospital. My kids also ate the nuggets and got sick twice, throwing up and complaining of stomach pain. I bit into the 4th nugget and found it was raw and slimy on the inside (it was white throughout though) so I spit it out and didn't take another bite. This is probably the 5th time I have gotten sick from this exact location. I will not be dining here ever again. I also want my money back since it took so long AND made us all sick, but good luck with that, right?”
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4 people had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
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