Wendy's, Summer Street, Boston, MA, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
Summer Street, Boston, 02110 Massachusetts, United States
Wendy's, Summer Street, Boston, MA, USA
“It was on the gay pride parade day it was very busy more than usual considering the gay pride parade it was an out of the ordinary ... i’ve been eating there for years now it’s one of my favorite I always get the two spicy chicken wraps with just cheese no sauce no lettuce medium fry and then I get my daughter and her mother what they like usually chicken nuggets and fries for my daughter and my daughter’s mother gets a mix of things she happen to get the big bag this time around ...... my daughter and I both that night felt sick puking nausea very hot flashes and all around sick and lasted through the whole night until the next morning ! My daughters mother was fine she didn’t receive any symptoms she didn’t eat any chicken she only had a burger both me and my daughter had the chicken I don’t know if because it was gay pride parade day that they were extra lazy because there were so many people and they were rushing and they didn’t wash their hands after the bathroom or something or they gave me all the food because it was so busy or who knows what but both me and my daughter were sick all the way until the next day this is unacceptable”
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