Wendy's, West Cheyenne Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, United States

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
West Cheyenne Avenue, Las Vegas, 89108 Nevada, United States
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Wendy's, West Cheyenne Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, United States
“On 5/2/16 I dropped my mother in Law off at work @ the Wendys on Rainbow & Cheyenne
Las Vegas, NV around 7pm I ordered a Spicy Chicken combo and ate that. Now I eat her cooking at home and have never goten sick she is very cleanly. And since she didnt make the food i know it wasnt her that got me sick she says the other other workers are extremly lazy. So I wouldnt doubt for one second that her coworks fail to wash hands or prepare food properly. Anyway I returned home watch tv with my wife and about an hour 1/2 later I began to get very bad pain in my upper stomach area. The rest of the night I puked at least 15 times within a 7 hour time period. My mother in law came home around 1:00am and made me tea which helped for a while an hour later I vomited again. I believe I contracted some kind of stomach flu or food poisoning. Place needs to be inspected unexpected so someone can see people are not following food prep policies.”
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