Wendy's, Wood Avenue, Easton, PA, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Wood Avenue, Easton, 18042 Pennsylvania, United States
Wendy's, Wood Avenue, Easton, PA, USA
“We have the free meals for one year voucher so we went today to claim our free food. I ate a southwestern avocado salad, usually my favorite. Oddly, they added a bag of croutons which they never do as it’s not part of the salad but I added it in anyways. The taste felt different today of the salad overall, very very acidic from the lemon. I couldn’t finish it. At first stomach wise I was fine. That was my last meal for the day at around 6:30 PM. Then, I went to sleep at 10:00 PM and woke up with a ridiculous stomach ache at 12:30 AM. I feel like I’m about to throw up and my stomach feels like a mess. Besides that, I finished it off with a vanilla frosty at around 7:00. That salad has never given me a reaction like this until now, like I said, even the taste was off. Honestly here I am writing this at 1:04 AM with a stomach ache getting worse as I write this about to throw up. Forget the free meals, I’m abstaining from Wendys.”
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